Hi-Lo Blackjack

Blackjack gets taken to new heights thanks to this exciting new variant! Combining two popular yet simple games, Hi Lo Blackjack ups the ante of traditional blackjack whilst offering you loads more chances to win BIG. Get stuck in today!


Expect blackjack at its best in this immersive online game, where
you can STILL be a winner - regardless of your first card! You'll love the Hi
Lo side option in this game, since it'll give you the chance to bet on whether
your second card will be higher or lower than your first. More choice means
more fun and more funds!

How to play

It couldn't be any easier getting to grips with Hi Lo Blackjack. At the start
of every new game, 6 decks of cards are shuffled, after which you'll need to
place your bets! To do so, SELECT CHIPS by clicking on the valued chips, then
PLACE YOUR CHIPS by clicking on any of the bet boxes (including Hi and Lo). On
desktop and tablet, you can bet on up to 5 boxes (plus another 5 for Hi Lo),
and up to 3 (plus another 3 for Hi Lo) on mobile. To place a Hi Lo side bet,
you must have bet on its corresponding Blackjack box. The following buttons
will also be a huge help as you play:

  • DOUBLE - doubles the value of the bets on every box up to the table maximum
  • UNDO - removes chips from the bet boxes in the order they were placed in
  • CLEAR ALL - removes all bets in one go (not available on mobile)
  • DEAL - starts the game!

Return to player

The game has a theoretical RTP of 99.59% which means for every £100 wagered it
will pay out £99.59. For the Hi Lo side bet, RTP is 97.92%.

When the fun stops, stop