Age of Asgard

The eternal feud of good vs evil takes place in Age of Asgard, with dual 5x3 machines acting as the battlefield. Grab your weapons and join the fierce females of this slot – and let’s hope they help lead you to victory!


You won’t be on your own on the battlefield. Wilds, Free Spins and the Double Machine will be there to give you a helping hand. The Double Machine refers to the 2 separate machines in the base game, one on top and one on the bottom, each with its own 20 paylines paying from left to right. Will you manage to get your hands on some wins? Fingers crossed!

How to play

Use the (-) and (+) buttons on your game panel to adjust your bet, then hit the SPIN button when you’re ready to march into battle. If you’d rather sit back and watch the game play out for you, hit AUTOPLAY and select the number of spins you’d like to be played out automatically. There’s also a MAX BET button if you’d like to play at the highest bet amount. Good luck!

The Double Machine
This game features 2 separate machines in the base game. The machine on top has god themed high pay symbols accompanied by their own low pay symbols and the bottom machine has monster themed high pay symbols accompanied by their own low pay symbols. Each machine has its own 20 paylines paying from the left.

Stack Wilds
In the base game both wilds are 3 symbols tall. They substitute all regular symbols and nudge randomly to fill an entire reel. Filling a reel with a wild symbol on either machine awards 1 respin with that wild locked in its position. Landing multiple full wilds in 1 spin does not add additional respins but all full wild symbols are sticky for the duration of the respins. Landing a new full wild on a respin retriggers another respin. If all reel positions are filled by sticky wilds, no more respins are triggered and a Ragnarok Big Win is awarded, paying out 19200 coins in base game and 24000 coins in all Free Spin modes.

Landing 2 full wilds on opposing reels (one on top of the other) awards the Clash feature. The Clash feature awards extra random wilds for the activating spin (the subsequent respin only has the full wilds as sticky). The random wilds cannot land on other wild symbols and if they land on a high pay symbol, the entire symbol turns into a wild. If all slot positions are occupied by wilds, no more wilds are awarded. The number of random wilds awarded are as follows:

  • 2 natural full wilds award 4 additional random wilds
  • 1 natural full wild and 1 nudged full wild award 3 additional random wilds
  • 2 nudged full wilds award 2 additional random wilds

Free Spins
Landing 3 Free Spin symbols on the top machine awards 10 Free Spins with symbols only from the top machine. Landing 3 Free Spin symbols on the bottom machine awards 10 Free Spins with only the symbols from the bottom machine. Free spins are played on a single 5 x 6 machine with 50 paylines left to right. Both wilds are joined together into a 1x6 symbol and present on the reels. The wild symbol nudges randomly and awards the Clash feature if it fills the reel. The double stacked wild functions as 1 symbol so it can either be a natural full symbol in which case it awards 4 random wilds or it can be nudged in which case it awards 2 random wilds for the Clash. A respin with all full wilds sticky is also awarded on any spin where a new full wild lands.

Ragnarok Free Spins
20 Ragnarok Free Spins are triggered from the Randomizer or by landing 3 Free Spin symbols on the top machine and 3 Free Spin symbols on the bottom machine in 1 spin. They function like regular Free Spins except they have high pay symbols from both machines, no low pay symbols and the double stack wild always nudges when any part of it lands on the reels.

The Randomizer
Landing 3 Free Spin symbols on the top or bottom machine and 2 Free Spin symbols of the other machine awards the Randomizer feature. The Randomizer can award additional 1000 coins on top of free spins awarded from 3 scatters, or upgrade the Free Spins to Ragnarok Free Spins.

Return to player

This game has a theoretical RTP of 96.2%, which means for every £100 staked, the expected return would be £96.2.

When the fun stops, stop