Furry Friends

Furry Friends

Get ready to kick back and relax with the cutest slot game around - Furry Friends! These reels are littered with cuddly animals that can do more than just roll over and beg…


This game is a five reel, three row slot in which every free space on the board is covered with some super-lovable companions! Furry Friends is a mobile slot game with a difference, as each spin has the potential to bring in truly fantastic jackpots. If you’re looking for a game that combines sweet characters with even sweeter jackpots then look no further than Furry Friends – just watch out for cuteness overload!

How To Play

In this slot game, you’ll be aiming to create a combination of three matching symbols on a single pay line. There are 20 of these lines making their way across the reels, so it’s not as difficult as it sounds to make this happen!

Each of the symbols has a different multiplier attached to it, as described on the pay table. With the minimum of three matching symbols you’ll get the minimum multiplier for the symbol but the more of these that appear, the larger the jackpot will go. They’re the brightest and fuzziest symbols on your reels and they all have a similar cartoon style. You can expect all sorts of cute critters, from bears to elephants – and you can bet that ALL of them are itching to help you bag a big win!

The other factor which determines the payout given from these games is the bet placed per game. This can be changed by using the bet buttons at the lower half of the screen before you tap on the start button.

Pick a Win

When you snap up three of the symbols that have a Pick a Win bonus on them, you’ll be able to choose from them. Depending on which ones you tap on first, you could win all three - or none at all, so choose carefully! The top prizes in this round are large cash payouts, which can give you plenty of extra funds to play with.

Free Spin Feature

Matching up three of the free spins bonus symbols will automatically transport you into a round of free games. These will give you the opportunity to play as though you had wagered but without taking any cash from your funds! You’ll be able to spin your way to a jackpot in this round and may even unlock more free spins – if you’re lucky!

Furry Friends Feature

If you come across 3 Furry Friends symbols then you’ll be transported into a mini board game. All you need to do is hit spin to move the characters around the board and collect up mega prizes.

Matrix Feature

If you have keen reflexes then check out the Matrix Feature, which is unlocked with 3 golden chipmunks! You’ll have to stop the wheel at just the right time to get a reward or another game.

Return To Player

Jackpot Mechanics:

- 1.5% of every stake is added to the progressive jackpot.
- The original seed value is £2,750.97

This game has a theoretical RTP of 95.08%. Malfunction voids all pays and play.

Please note, bonus cash cannot be wagered on this game.


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