Nordic Heroes

Nordic Heroes

Take your slot-gaming to a whole new level in the totally epic Nordic Heroes here at Britain’s Got Talent Games. Are you brave enough for battle?


This game comes with a highly unique character picker feature, meaning you can switch up your play at the click of a button, plus the chance to play in different realms and level up as you go. All of this makes for a truly immersive slot, where your achievements could be rewarded with sky-high payouts. Step into this slot and become a Nordic Hero today!

How To Play

Though this game is steeped in layers, it’s relatively simple to play. You’ll get 30 paylines enabled for you automatically, so the only thing you need to do is set your LINE BET using the -/+ buttons on that meter. Hit the central spin button once you’re happy with your bet. Remember there’s also an AUTO SPIN button available, so you could set a few games to run out while you sit back and claim the glory!


Character Picker

Do you fancy yourself as Thora or Ragnar? You can switch neatly between these two alter-egos using the character picker in the top left of your screen. Click the portrait to switch between characters. You won’t be able to choose Ragnar until you’ve reached Level 3 in the game (more info in the Level Up Plus Feature section below). Choosing your character determines which weapons will be available to you in during the Battle Bonus, plus each character comes with its own unique symbols in the base game and free spins in the Battle Bonus. 

Realm Picker

Not only can you choose whose shoes you step into, but you can also choose which realm the game plays out in. Use the onscreen compass to pick your realm, but bear in mind that the ‘Sea of Glory’ realm can’t be chosen until you’ve reached Level 5. Depending on which realm you choose, you’ll find things like:

  • Unique monsters fighting in the Battle Bonus
  • Unique free spins feature in the Battle Bonus
  • Unique reel symbols in base game AND Battle Bonus free spins
  • Unique backgrounds in base game AND Battle Bonus free spins

Level Up Plus Feature

Making this slot even more immersive than all that is the Level Up Plus Feature, which enables you to track the progression of your character. To earn XPs and work your way through the levels, you’ll need to defeat monsters in the Battle Bonus. Possible levels to unlock are as follows:

  • Level 1: Wanderer
  • Level 2: Traveller
  • Level 3: Explorer
  • Level 4: Adventurer
  • Level 5: Defender
  • Level 6: Slayer
  • Level 7: Hero
  • Level 8: Champion

Mystery Multiplier Feature

The Mystery Multiplier Feature could kick into action after any winning spin during the base game, giving you the chance to win a multiplier of up to 30x your bet! Again, this is all dependent on the level you’ve reached in the game, so it pays to unlock as many levels as you can. Players at levels 1-5 can get a multiplier of up 20x; players at level 6 can be awarded a multiplier of up to 25x; players at levels 7-8 players may receive a multiplier of up to 30x.

Battle Bonus

And finally – we’ve reached the Nordic Heroes showdown! The Battle Bonus is triggered by 3 Scatter symbols landing anywhere on reels 1, 3 and 5, at which free spins will play out so long as your character still has health or you have defeated all three monsters. Be sure to look out for the Battle Reel symbols during this bonus, as they can do damage to or stun the monsters, or protect you against damage. Defeating all three monsters earns you 1, 2, 5 or 10 Victory Spins, depending on the character you’re playing as, the realm you’re playing in and the number of spins it took you to defeat the final monster.

Then, during the Forest of Fortune Battle Bonus, you’ll step into battle with a Wolf, Boar and Dark Elf, with Roaming Wilds on side to help you out. Or during the Sea of Glory Battle Bonus, you’ll step into battle with the Giant Crab, Squid and Sea Serpent, with Wild Reels helping out this time.


Return To Player

This game has a theoretical RTP of between 93.0% and 96.3% which means for every £100 wagered it will pay out between £93.00 and £96.30.


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