South Park: Reel Chaos

South Park: Reel Chaos

South Park is rude, crude and everyone loves it! You can expect exactly that in the Reel Chaos slot game – just be prepared for a plethora of supercharged features!


In select episodes of the iconic TV series, viewers see the boys dressed up as their alter egos. Some are heroes and others are villains, but you can see them all in this slot game. It’s packed full of different features and a whole load of comedy, so set these five reels spinning in a flash. They might not be your average heroes but these boys can sure summon you a jackpot.

How To Play

South Park is a simplistic television show, so it makes sense that the game is just as easy to get playing. All of the options to change the bets are in place under the reels and the coin value and bet are the adjustable parts. Influence the overall bet by moving these up and down before you begin the fun.

Wild Substitution

Wild symbols are a slot game classic, as they act like a joker on many reels on the internet. They sub in for any ordinary symbols, just not the bonus symbols. Cartman’s Stacked Wilds
If General Disarray makes an appearance, Cartman will jump to your defence and try to catch him. As he does this, 2 or 3 Stacked Wilds will be left in his wake as he climbs up or slides down the reels. He’ll keep doing this, creating Stacked Wilds as he goes, until General Disarray is safely caught.

Cartman's Stacked Wilds

General Disarray and Cartman are sworn enemies, so when they appear at the same time you know there will be some action. Cartman chases the General around the reels, turning symbols wild as he goes. This feature will continue to change these symbols into bigger wins until Cartman is victorious.Kenny’s Multiplier

When Professor Chaos comes onto these reels, Kenny will begin to fight him to keep South Park intact. They’ll trade blows and as they do multipliers will fall onto your reels and make jackpots appear.

Stan’s Multiplying Re-spins

If you lose on these reels then Stan can come to your aid with a special re-spinning feature. He’ll change your fate and even add a multiplier to the outcome, so you can go from zero to hero.

Kyle’s Overlay Wilds

Kyle flies onto the reels when Professor Chaos sets his hamster minions free on the reels. When he blasts these animals they’ll get stuck to the reels and act as wilds for extra spins.

The Mintberry Crunch Epic Bonus Spins

Mintberry Crunch is the main hero in this game and he’s powerful enough to take on all of our villains at once. As he takes on each of the four villains the multiplier will increase by another one to give up to four times your bet. Each time you win one of your free spins Mintberry Crunch will be able to defend himself and take a chunk out of his foe. As he battles them the wins just keep on increasing.


Return To Player

This game has a theoretical RTP of 96.8% which means for every £100 wagered it will pay out £96.80.


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